Montag, 12. November 2012

9th message form Rhylana

Plants love the presence of young children, they prosper in their vicinity because they radiate an atmosphere of pure unconditional love. Adults may have a similar effect on them, provided they are able to offer them this same quality. You are saying that individuals who are good with plants to have green fingers but they actually prove their capacity to love life even in its lowliest forms unconditionally, even though they themselves may not be aware of this because they are giving it unconsciously. Therefore a person's effect on plant life as well as their personal attitude towards it, reveals a great deal about their personality...

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

8th Message from Rhylana

Dear Friends,
Next time you are finding yourself in a magical spot in Mother Nature, wishing you were able to see us and yet believing yourself unable to- remind yourself that there are more ways to "see" life than by solely relying upon your physical eye-sight. Try it by employing your other senses of perception instead and I am certain that by doing so you will be rewarded by "seeing" something you have not perceived before.
Our worlds and forms are purely elemental and consist of Divine Light Energy in its still fluent state. This explains why for as long as you are searching to see us with your limited idea of definite, material forms you will be unable to perceive us.

Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

Elemental Teachings 3

Those elemental aspects within your personality self which you have not yet mastered and in so doing effectively absorbed into your individuality are either instilling you with a great fear of its lowest aspect or a deep longing after it.
To name a practical example: Z may have made the experience early on in life or even in a prior incarnation that to overtly show to the world his special talent for drawing only served to cause him bitterness, jealousy and anger from his closest of kin because they felt personally offended by his excellence. In fact he might even have been persecuted because somebody of influence in the world took it against himself that a portrait of him was drawn without prior permission being obtained. Hence to protect himself from all these displeasing feelings and actions directed againt his person, Z has aquired the skill to keep a low profile and also developed the habit of believing his talents to be inferior. While at the same time being driven by the secret dream of becoming recognized in the eyes of the public. Interstingly he has simultaneously come to be mortally afraid of a possible out-break of fire in his home. Both symptoms are products of an unbalanced nature where the element of Fire is concerned. Although a perfunctory observer would not be able to ascribe them to the same root cause. However should this individual come to master his personal imbalance between the fear of his talents being seen by the world and the longing after overtly exposing them, slowly his horror of incendiary fires would cease to be, too.
For simplicity's sake I have only mentioned the symptom of the misplaced element of Fire upon two different levels of being. However the same behavioural pattern could be traced in various other forms as well with this individual.