Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

1st message from Lor

To believe yourself seperate and different from Mother Nature who provides you with nourishment and independent from the Earth that bears you up and gives you shelter is unnatural and an illusion. Because you are made up of the same Elements as they are. What differentiates you from them are you ability to think, speak and feel consciouly- or at least partly so. But just like the plants, the animals and the planetary being you consist of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
Nature is not being called Mother for nothing. She truly is like a mother to you and even though your bodies may grow old- you will always remain her little children whom she bears up, feeds and gives water to. The population, Her siblings, at large have become more and more like disrespectful, rebellious and criminal teenagers towards Her over the centuries of evolution. Her forebearence and patience have been worn out very thin and at times already breaks- like you have experienced in some parts of the world where catastrophes wiped out millions of you. Unless you, as a collective whole, do not recollect your-selves, recognize the mistakes you made, repent, learn by them and make amends by returning irrevocably and swiftly to mindful and respectful treatment of Her, she will break you by weaning you off her ressources and gentleness. The Elemental Forces that rule all Life in Earth will loose their balance by a degree that will make your further existance impossible on this planet. In such a case of events, only those of you who learn to master beforehand the laws of the Elemental Forces within them-selves will be fit for survival.

Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

3 Questions referring to 3rd mess. from Rhylana

Can a painting of trees bring trees into the home?
Yes, of course it can bring the energy of a certain tree into your home! This is why so many of you are painting replicas of Mother Nature and why even more of you keep art objects and photographs depicting parts of Her in your homes. You are being touched by it on a (sub-)consciuos level, are feeling connected to it and either consciously or subconsciuosly receive Her balancing, soothing energies by looking at it in your everyday lives. If you are endowed with the gift of visual imagination you will even be able to tap into Her energy by simply imagining a part of Her before your mind's eye.

Do you use art in your own world?
No, we do not. Art is an invention of you human-beings. Nature in it-self is the highest form of Art.
Art in the way you know it is in its truest forms always an expression of the invisible, the Spiritual side of Creation. True Art is a form of high medium-ship in that it renders the Spiritual part of Creation perceiveable for more than just the Artist who is in touch with it. This is why you often remark that objects of true art seem out of this world, are bearing the signature of the unspeakable and are therefore difficult to be discribed in your words- even if it is actually depicting an seemingly ordinary view or object. True Art is always time-less. Like medium-ship it bears not only the signature of the mediums personality but can be heavily tainted and even falsified by it. This being the case if the artist him-self is still strongly under the influence of his Ego-Mind and has extreme emotions that render him on the brink of madness at times or if he works under the influence of alcohol or heavy drugs. In these cases the art he produces are expressions of schizophrenia and the Dark Forces. We have observed this in many of your modern so-called artists, who are producing so called art, which is in fact nothing but the expression of their sick minds. The purer the personality of the artist, the purer the objects of Art.
To come back to your question: We are part of the Spiritual side of Creation and therefore we have no need to translate it in to objects or sounds in order to feel touched by it. Besides- we do not have Minds, we could be said to be unconsciuos, instinctual beings and we exist only in the present and are constantly evolving. Our Kingdom is divided into hierarchies of uncountable catergories and groups, and each one of us being appointed a particular task in it. Generalized we could be called the guardians and executors of the Elemental Forces of Nature on all levels.
But to return to your question: Art in your world, especially so in the Modern times, is not always of the true kind and therefore only a visual expression of the artist subconsciuos, his dreams or just artefacts in reminiscence of past impressions which have long been dead. This is why only those of you who are sensitive and of an evolved cosciousnes can tell the true art from the false.

How do you foresee the importance of Art for the human-race in the Future?
Your kind is currently in the process of developing their higher senses and of bringing into the Light of consciuosness the realms of personal and collective subcosciousness. This step in evolution on your part is most vitally required in order for the integration of the Divine Unity of Life to proceed as harmonsiously as possible for all parties involved. Since art is a means for you to express you subconscious and in so doing, bringing it into the Light of your consciousness, we believe that art will gain in importance for you. Also, art forms a link with the voice of your Divine intuition. However the place of art in the future in your society is going to be different from the one it has now. We do not see you becoming more widely interested in other people's creations and expressions but rather that an increasing number of you will discover their own abilities for artistic expression and will learn to use it as a tool for releasing their accumulated Fear, Anger, Pain, Sorrow and thus increase their inner harmony and maybe even achieve to a state of bliss. This process will bring appreciation and recognition towards everyone else's artitist expressions and creations, too, of course. But this time the admiration of the observer will be absolutely pure, without the trace of feelings of inferiority because he believes him-self less gifted than the artist in question, which today still forms a part of the feelings in the eyes of the beholder. Witnessing other people's art will become a rejoycement in the beauty and uniqueness of the indiviuals. 
However until this can come about learning to let go your hold on the past with its old belief systems is still necessary both on a personal and colective level. Devoted teachers are required to make the masses in search of help on their spiritual soul-path see their own natural gift for artistic expression. Teaching them how to learn to trust in it and how to use it for their own good.
We can see that there are so many of you who are feeling the urge to sing/dance/paint/write/create and yet are too afraid to actually give it a go because of a deept-rooted Fear. Some are daring enough to admit their gift to them-selves but to no-one else besides. Yet only by sharing the good you are possesing with others, can you grow into your full potential both personally and collectively. Because although you are all meant to find and experience things in life for your-selves, the second step must always be to connect it with the Unity by expressing it openly in some way or other. If you are lacking the assurance/trust to do so immediately, you might practise your courage by revealing your artistic expression to Mother Nature or to one of us? There is another positive aspect to your sharing your artistic gifts with your fellow beings. By trusting and setting a good example others will be helped in finding their confidence to learn to trust in them-selves more.

Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Elemental Teachings 1

Every single part of God's Creation in Earth is made up of the four major Elements and so are you Human-beings. Generally you are in the habit of consciously identifing and recognizing Earth the most. Often almost exclusively so in that you identify wholly with your body and the material things that surround you. Those who know anything about biology are of the beleive that the body consists mainly of water. In this, few even recognize Water as a different element from Earth and therefore has an entirely different energy that Earth. There are some of you who do know more and who are aware of the Air which could be said to be the most vital ingrediant because it links your Spirit to the body your are inhabiting and also controls all its functionings. Your Spirit, your inherent Divine Spark belongs to Fire. Fire on more dense levels also rules the functioning of you digestion and absorption, as well as the Mind. There are plenty of books that have been written on these subjects based on different lines of teachings and ancient philosophies, i.e. Ayurveda. They are all true- even if to your mind they might sometimes actually contraditct one another in certain points. What is important to keep in mind always is that whatever someone else has written- even if it be by the most wise person in the world- is at best an approximation of the ultimate Truth, especially so in the light that every being has his own unique perception of it. We are not here today to expand on the in-depth theory but would encourage you to seek further theoretical knowledge in books should you have the wish to do so. We only mentioned the basics here because you need to know them in order to understand what we are going to expand upon in the following.
Firstly, about Pranaism. This ways of oxisting purely on subtle Light Energy becomes possible only once you have truly relinquisehd the beleive that you are your body and that this body is made of solid matter and therefore naturally requires physical substances in order to function and survive. Realizing that this is indeed not so and that your body is in truth almost entirely made up of Air, that is to say: space, will provide you with the necessary foundation to enable you creating you own method of feeding it exclusively with Light consciousness. Thoughts are of the Elements Air by the way.
Illness of Body and Mind occur when the Elements are out of balance. Especially those of you who live far removed from a natural enviroment are very prone to illness. This is very logical because in unnatural, that is to say almost artificial surroundings, keeping the Elements in balance requires master-ship of Spirit, Body and Mind and very few of you can vouch-safe for having attained to that state. Not only that many of you live in a place far removed from Nature and Her ways, also your society, common ways of behaviour, general laws and collective thought-system are far from being equilibrated. Much too much Fire, that is to say Ego-Mind in and behind it. Therefore Water in the form of emotions are often so overwhelming and causing great troubles in your society. Emotions generally associated with Water but some of them can be of a fiery nature such as anger and hate. And  too much Air in your thoughts causeing them to play havoc, aggravating the Ego even further. On the other hand too little Air in your lungs because you are not conscious of your breathing, the intaking of Divine energy, nor aware of the fact that in many cases you do not even get to breathe proper air! Living in a place where air-conditioning is common-place, maybe even smoking in the minutes you are actually out of doors and the air there being heavy with pollution anyway. No wonder so many of you are obsessed with having to drink mineral water- it being the only source where you come into touch with anything truly natural in your daily lives! Air in its purest form is your link with the Divine source and consciuos breathing therefore always has a calming and nourishing effect on all levels. Air can be said to feed and influence the other three Elements because Air in its purest form is the bearer of Divine energy. Linking your purified thoughts with the act of breathing therefore enables you to live wholly on Air and Light energy.

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

3rd message from Rhylana

Trees are very special beings. So indeed is every part of God's Creation. But today I am going to talk to you about the trees especially. Throughout the ages there have been trees of special importance strongly connected to the history of mankind. To verify this statement- simply open up the Bible, your Holy Book! There are many trees that have been spoken holy and called wise. Trees have given shelter and protection to lost souls and have also shown many a wanderer the right way. They mark places of worship, power, meetings, gatherings and initiation. every tree has its own personality and human-being feel naturally drawn to them. In many ways they can be likened and compared with you people. And by the maltreatment and disrespect you have shown to them in the comparitively recent past of you history, it is visible just how much you have become seperated from the Divine Source and Unity within your-selves. Unless you do not return to the old relationship of respectful friendship and reverence towards the trees, there is no hope for the future survival of your race for they rae as much your brothers ans sisters as your fellow men are. There are certain species of trees which are especially important to individuals, able to support you in certain tasks to be fulfilled, for different periods in your lives, ect. Turning towards them in prayer and meditation, opening your-self up to their beneficient influence you become recepient of their great powers and strength. Also, when you mentally and energetically connect your-self with them, they are able to teach you rootedness and the wisdom of Mother Earth, while at the same time drawing life-energy from the Divine Light.


Your enthusiam, if it is consciuosly directed at something is like a magic wand, which renders magical the object being touched by it. It also has the power to enliven you as if by magic from one moment to the next. Enthusiam opens up your restricted personal perspective in so far as that it kindles the imagination and thus widens your view, making it clearer and enabling it to reach beyond your habitual range of sight. And since you are what you beleive this is very valuable. Directed enthusiams enable you to overcome barriers within the self and like a fire is able to melt down old mental, emotional and psychological restrictions. It can be compared to a kind of drug which temporarily transforms your personality into something more sparkling. Enthusiam is like an intelligent spark that sets you on fire and makes you glow and shine with a quality bigger than ordinary life. And like a burning torch it can be passed on to others that come into touch with the one enflamed. When you are entirely under the spell of enthusiam you become on twith the Eternal, ageless and time-less. Enthusiam is forever young and fresh and new. Therefore the individuals who cultivate their natural gift for enthusiasm of sheer life will never grow old in spirit even though their bodies may age and wither. They will partly remain like a young child until their physical death. And they will die loved and admired by the generations coming after them who felt inspired and comforted by seing that old age can also be a joyous and light-hearted affair and does not have to be a heavy drudge to be born in resignation, simply because ones body is reclining.
Young children are naturally enthusiastic about life which is why their charm is usually irresistible and enchanting to all who let them-selves be touched by it- somtime even despite them-selves. One could divide the grow-ups into two categories. Those who have them-selves lost their own spark of enthusiams and those who still posess it, even thoug they might bear it hidden beneath the surface. By watching them interact with very young one can distinguish between the two. The ones belonging to the first category will easily become tired and bored while playing with them, never losing their sense of time because their discriminating Ego-Minds are remaining active and in charge all the time, ready to ridicule and judge the harmless children's game. Whereas the ones of the second category will forget all but what they are currently doing, not needing to play-act in order to be part of the childish games. Of course, they still remain responsible adults but this fact does not hinder them from being enthusiastic all the same.
Enthusiasm renders you momentarily light-hearted and thoughtless of your-self and therefore individuals who take them-selves too seriously will find it almost impossible to be touched by it.
But like everything in this world of duality also enthusiasm can have a negative aspect to it. It can not only bust your powers and energies but also deplete them. The latter occurs if when it is not focussed. Or rather: wrongly focussed. How so? Now this is very difficult to explain in words. I will try it by way of giving you two examples. First the rightly focussed: Individuals of an equilibrated personality and mind, aware of the hight qualities of the heart and with a sense of purpose and direction in life. Their enthusiasm naturally occuring also over small things in life, forever re-newing it-self, generally not materialy oriented and lightening up the eyes when being felt. Enthusiasm guiding them trough life, always showing them the way. The second one being those of a superficial nature, not mindful of others nor of Mother Nature. Their enthusiasm, too, only existing on the surface and exclusively living in the Mind and never the heart which is why the eyes remain dead and lifeless even in aparent joy and rapture about something. Their enthusiasm not bringing them closer to them-selves and actual life but even further away and deeper into the maze of illusions.
And there is even a third category. Those who are in between and unable to differentiate for themselves between the real and the unreal enthusiasm. Therefore being tossed hither and thither and often feeling them-selves without sense of direction. Like a sailing boat on a choppy sea with a compass on board that only seldom functions properly.

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

2nd message from Rhylana

Now, we would like to expand on what we told you last time about us holding the power because we feel this needs further explanation in order to make you understand what we mean by it exactly and accurately. What we were saying was that althoug you might beleive yourselfs to be all-powerful, mighty and in charge because your are able to change the surface and appearence of the Earth by buliding and constructions and because you are able to influence growth of her fruits according to your wishes up to a ceratin degree. But if all of this is being done without a deeper understanding of the underlying structures and laws that makes Nature grow and prosper, and without the due respect towards it, it will only bring you a very superficial and temporary rewars and in truth you are not making her flourish but are actually damaging and harming her viewed from a wider and long-term perspective.
Some of you have already learned the right way of treating her, by simply listening to and following their inherent natural insticts. And of course, those few who have so far not been touched by the ideals and ideas of materialism and economical strive have never veered from the right way of treating her-
To put it into very sipmle words on could say thtat your Ego-Minds with their competitive and egoistical way of thinking are to blame for the sorry state Mother Earth is in now. But of course, it is not quite straight forward as this, because you also have been given Free Will into the bargain, meaning that you are free to chose which of your inwards voices you want to listen to- the Head or the Heart. At some pint in the course of Human evolution you must have decided to listen to taht limited part of you that exists in an illusionary sperateness, rather than remaining connected to and at one with the Divine Will and Love, whose Wisdom is communicated to you through the voice of the Heart, your Divine Intuition. Therefore, learning to re-connect yourself to this voice, gradually you will come to realize the connectedness of all life once more- and this also includes us Elemental beings!
For some of you it might actually be easier to believe and communicate with us first, before re-discovering their own Dinine Spark within because their personal inferiority complexes and mistrust of themselves are still to much in the power and are hindering them from accepting that they, too, are actually very special and uniquely beautiful and intelligent beings. But either way you are going to tread- in the end it will eventually lead you to experience a sense of unity and harmony within and without, which in turn will teach you the right way of living in Planet Earth and treating Mother Nature and her prescious ressources.
Maybe you believe that buying and growing only organically grown products from now on would be enough to save her. It is not, although it would, of course, make a vast difference and help to ameliorate the general situation by important degrees. It might have been enough some fifty years ago but not so today. Today our Beloved Mother is much to weakened and imbalanced and it requires a vast deal more to bring about the desperately needes turn-about back towards nautral harmony of the Elements. This is why you and us, we have to consciously join our forces and work together. The most accurate way to put it in order to exemplify this statement is to say that while you are holding the material power over Nature, we are insiders of the Spiritual side of her. We are passive agents of the Spirirtual and the Divine Force works through us. By learning from us and working with us you can become active Masters who ar ein conroll of both sides and know how to join them. According to the universal law of duality and unity in which all manifestation has two complementing parts to it, a material and spirirtual one, it is only logical that both will be necessary to provoke a true change in the manifest.

1st message from Rhylana

My dear friends, I am calling you thus because that is what I hope we are to us and what we are meant to be in the Divine Order of things, reallly.  Just as it is said in the Bible most of you Human-beings are so well acquainted with- your neighbour should be your friend. And indeed we are living even closer to you than your neighbours are because we actually inhabit your gardens and even share the same rooms- given that there is a piece of Nature to be found in there. Be it stone, flower, pot plant or even just a piece of rough wood or some sand. Sopmetimes we even come into your houses if there ar eno nature relics being kept there because we can enter also by accompanying insects. Why do we do this, you may now be asking yourself. Well, because we want to make you ntice us, we would like you to acknowledge our existence in order to become friends and accomplices in saving our Beloved Mother Earth from dying beneath our feet and in our hands. We feel that we can learn from each other valuable things essential for Her survival. Your inelligence coupled with our elemental powers we will be able to re-harmonize the workings of Nature and the Elements in the Spheres arount this planet and thus bring it back into a healthy balance for itself and all its inhabitants.