Freitag, 5. August 2011

2nd message from Lor

Many of you suffer from headaches. You have probably noticed that they mostly occur when the weather conditions are extreme or just about to change drastically. Your headaches might be influenced by other factors, too, but even so, they are usually worst, when the elements outside are especially strong- high winds, hot still air or excessive dampness or aridity. At any rate, in particular two elements, mostly air and water, or air and fire, are the factors causing the temporary weather extremes. Have you ever wondered why they might be affecting your health? We see it in the way that in those moments the elements are calling you to pay attention to them and to Nature around you. For in those moments they are easier for you to perceive and approach than usually because they are raw and open. They are reminding you to get back in touch with Mother Nature and the current of life force flowing trough you - instead of loosing your-self in your illusionary worlds of thoughts, preconceptions, - all of them purely focussed on and around your material existance and devoid of any real life. But usually you do not heed their calling and turn the opposite way, taking fast-relief pills that kill of your sensitivity or shutting your-selves inside even more by closing windows, shutters and in extreme heat even turning on the air-conditioning.
We see it that in those moments you should venture forth out-side in order to move with the wind, dance with the rain or feel the still air by standing still and firm upon the naked earth and feeling the hightened energy moving beneath and around you. If thisshould prove impossible due to having to remain at your work-place- at least opening windows, looking out-side and breathing the air consciously, feeling its invigorating effect upon your body and mind. And who can say, maybe your headaches will disappear or you might even forget all about them.

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