Freitag, 5. August 2011

5th message from Rhylana

In Nature upon Earth you know four different seasons and twelve months inside each solar year. Currently you are experiencing a shifting of the seasons from their ususal position to a new one, an up-set of the old more or less predictable pattern into a new unpredicatble one. You are putting it down to the phenomena of global warming. This is only half the truth or rather the reason apparent to you on the surface. But the root lies hidden somewhere else. The way we see it, the drastic change is due to your society in which the natural rythm of day and night, summer and winter, time of fruition and decay, young and old age etc. have been disregarded and highly disturbed. To give you a few examples: You stay up during the night more and more going after day-time activities like shopping, working, eating etc. You travel to places where it is Summer to you while where your roots are there is winter and vice versa. Or you build places where you can experience so called "nature" in an eternal state of one season only. This also being the case with the cultivation of fruits of the soil and the plants. You cannot accept that there is a period necessary in between the fertile ones for the earth to degenerate and rest in order to maintain the natural balance. Aging people are superficially boosting them-selves up to live the lives of young ones and the young ones are being forced to behave like grown-ups. In short, your modern society completely lives out of the natural rythm of life in all respects. And still you expect the planet you live in and the Nature around you to remain exactly the same as it has "always" been? You want the elements to behave in a balanced fashion and demand harmonious yearly rythms in Nature? There cannot be. It is an impossibility because all Life is ONE. Every part of it is connected to everything else. This applies not only to you human-beings amongst your own kind. Hence, you are co-creating the world you live in by your own existance - this compromises your thoughts, actions, words etc. And since you are Mother Earth's inhabitants of the highest intelligence, endowed with a creative imagination and a feeling heart, naturally you are the ones bearing the greatest influence upon her - and with it the greatest responsibiblity, too! Even though many of you have not realized this as yet.
Another reason for the shift in seasons as you know them, is that all Life is subject to the eternal law of change, - the smallest part of it, as well as the biggest. Since evolution in Earth is at present experiencing a general acceleration the changes are becoming more apparent to you in so far as that they happen much faster than they did only cenuries ago. All change is natural and inevitable. What is unnatural and the cause for great worries and fear among you and sorrow for us, is that there is an imbalance which creates unnecessary destruction upon the surface of the Earth and wreaking disastrous chaos in her natural rythms. Generally the situation getting out of hand to either you or us.
Therefore we are entreating you to wake up to the Truth, Light and Love behind and within all Life- your-selves included! Once you have done so universally- there is no way you will be able to continue the road you are on further and further away from Mother Nature- but turn back and integrate the good things you have acquired into the re-union with Her.

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