Dienstag, 13. September 2011

6th message from Rhylana

If you feel weak, if you feel restless, unstettled or uncertain, hold on to a piece of stone, or sit/stand still upon a rock. (For some even just looking at stone or seeing it before their mind's eye might do.) Immerse your-self in it with your mind and senses. You will gain from this encounter stability, strength, certainty, patience and trust in life. Since human-kind has inhabited this planet, stones and rocks have always been there, too. And they will always be there for at least as long as you. They are the most reliable and concrete representatives of the Element Earth and have always been there for you as protectors and friends. They have helped you along your evolutionary path from being weapons and tools and providing dwelling, later houses up to this present day and age, where they are serving you also as decoration material, jewellery and talismans. Remember their importance to you and learn to use them once more for your own good.

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