Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

7the message of Rhylana

Beloved friends, fellow children of Mother Gaia
We have been hearing the question often asked, why is it now, that we are coming to the fore and more and more people are becoming aware of us. Well, we have always been here, long before you have but in earlier times it has not been necessary for the human population to personify us, because they have still been living in touch with the natural intelligence of Nature and this is what we are, really, the intelligence of the Nature. Also, to say that we have only in recent times become popular is not strictly true, because Shakespeare knew and wrote about us and there are age-old feary-tales and sagas about us. But it is a new developmnet that we are becoming more and more acknowledged by you as entities which are as real as your-self are and not just objects of superstition and fantasies of mad people like we used to be in the past. In order to believe in us you have had to give us set forms, because this is they way your mind works. We do not mind this, although in truth we are actually formless from a material view-point, percievable as energies and Light only by your higher senses. On the contrary, the forms you have given us render us happy,  because we can see you being enchanted by them. For you, looking at images and figurines of faeries and dwarfs and the like, have the effect to endow your everyday life with a magic touch and this is fabulous. They actually teach you to see the magical side of life and by so doing you are finding lightness and joy. However, there is a disadvantage to your imagery, too, because we see many of you desperately wishing to see us, but not being able to because they are trying to see us physically, shaped like the images their mind knows about. The way to come into touch with us and to perceive us is to make your mind free from all that is known and imagined. (And we are using the verb "to perceive" here with deliberation, because you might not necessarily see us, but most probably rather sense us, especially in the beginning. ) By just observing your-self and the reactions of your body to the atmosphere surrounding it, you will, by regular and devoted practise, learn to sense us. Because we are to be found everywhere where there is Nature, being Her invisible parts it cannot be otherwise.

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