Freitag, 23. September 2011

Elemental Teachings 2

Water was the first element upon this planet- this at least according to what is written in your Holy book the Bible. It is the balancing element, always has been and always will be. (Just think of the water scales which you are using to test whether an object is hanging/standing evenly.) Water was at the beginning of your evolution and will be at the end, since according to the Divine law, the beginning is at the same as the end, too. All life coming from the same source and returning back to into it. This being the case the state of the Water inEarth and your world is showing the imbalance best, or rather most explicitly. Even though to most of you this may not be obviuos because you are still viewing life as if it were a book compromised of zillions of  different pages in which each one has nothing at all to do with any of the others. Water is the major sustainer of your physical life and simultaneaously the distroyer. That is in a mainly Ego-driven world, the Mind being a manifestation of Fire and Water possesing the power to extinguish it. In the balancing up of the elements, if there is too much fire, or if it gets out of hand, Water must be applied- regardless of possible human comforts.
Our universe, and in this particular instance Mother Earth, is like a game of call and answer on every level. Thus the natural elemental forces are only reflecting the human state of Mind. An authority which has of old been too power-seeking because it is its nature. However, nowadays with the scientific technologies available the Mind of some has become a lethal weapon not just for the indivdual it belongs to, or an entire army or continent but for the planet as a whole!

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