Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Elemental Teachings 1

Every single part of God's Creation in Earth is made up of the four major Elements and so are you Human-beings. Generally you are in the habit of consciously identifing and recognizing Earth the most. Often almost exclusively so in that you identify wholly with your body and the material things that surround you. Those who know anything about biology are of the beleive that the body consists mainly of water. In this, few even recognize Water as a different element from Earth and therefore has an entirely different energy that Earth. There are some of you who do know more and who are aware of the Air which could be said to be the most vital ingrediant because it links your Spirit to the body your are inhabiting and also controls all its functionings. Your Spirit, your inherent Divine Spark belongs to Fire. Fire on more dense levels also rules the functioning of you digestion and absorption, as well as the Mind. There are plenty of books that have been written on these subjects based on different lines of teachings and ancient philosophies, i.e. Ayurveda. They are all true- even if to your mind they might sometimes actually contraditct one another in certain points. What is important to keep in mind always is that whatever someone else has written- even if it be by the most wise person in the world- is at best an approximation of the ultimate Truth, especially so in the light that every being has his own unique perception of it. We are not here today to expand on the in-depth theory but would encourage you to seek further theoretical knowledge in books should you have the wish to do so. We only mentioned the basics here because you need to know them in order to understand what we are going to expand upon in the following.
Firstly, about Pranaism. This ways of oxisting purely on subtle Light Energy becomes possible only once you have truly relinquisehd the beleive that you are your body and that this body is made of solid matter and therefore naturally requires physical substances in order to function and survive. Realizing that this is indeed not so and that your body is in truth almost entirely made up of Air, that is to say: space, will provide you with the necessary foundation to enable you creating you own method of feeding it exclusively with Light consciousness. Thoughts are of the Elements Air by the way.
Illness of Body and Mind occur when the Elements are out of balance. Especially those of you who live far removed from a natural enviroment are very prone to illness. This is very logical because in unnatural, that is to say almost artificial surroundings, keeping the Elements in balance requires master-ship of Spirit, Body and Mind and very few of you can vouch-safe for having attained to that state. Not only that many of you live in a place far removed from Nature and Her ways, also your society, common ways of behaviour, general laws and collective thought-system are far from being equilibrated. Much too much Fire, that is to say Ego-Mind in and behind it. Therefore Water in the form of emotions are often so overwhelming and causing great troubles in your society. Emotions generally associated with Water but some of them can be of a fiery nature such as anger and hate. And  too much Air in your thoughts causeing them to play havoc, aggravating the Ego even further. On the other hand too little Air in your lungs because you are not conscious of your breathing, the intaking of Divine energy, nor aware of the fact that in many cases you do not even get to breathe proper air! Living in a place where air-conditioning is common-place, maybe even smoking in the minutes you are actually out of doors and the air there being heavy with pollution anyway. No wonder so many of you are obsessed with having to drink mineral water- it being the only source where you come into touch with anything truly natural in your daily lives! Air in its purest form is your link with the Divine source and consciuos breathing therefore always has a calming and nourishing effect on all levels. Air can be said to feed and influence the other three Elements because Air in its purest form is the bearer of Divine energy. Linking your purified thoughts with the act of breathing therefore enables you to live wholly on Air and Light energy.

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