Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

3rd message from Rhylana

Trees are very special beings. So indeed is every part of God's Creation. But today I am going to talk to you about the trees especially. Throughout the ages there have been trees of special importance strongly connected to the history of mankind. To verify this statement- simply open up the Bible, your Holy Book! There are many trees that have been spoken holy and called wise. Trees have given shelter and protection to lost souls and have also shown many a wanderer the right way. They mark places of worship, power, meetings, gatherings and initiation. every tree has its own personality and human-being feel naturally drawn to them. In many ways they can be likened and compared with you people. And by the maltreatment and disrespect you have shown to them in the comparitively recent past of you history, it is visible just how much you have become seperated from the Divine Source and Unity within your-selves. Unless you do not return to the old relationship of respectful friendship and reverence towards the trees, there is no hope for the future survival of your race for they rae as much your brothers ans sisters as your fellow men are. There are certain species of trees which are especially important to individuals, able to support you in certain tasks to be fulfilled, for different periods in your lives, ect. Turning towards them in prayer and meditation, opening your-self up to their beneficient influence you become recepient of their great powers and strength. Also, when you mentally and energetically connect your-self with them, they are able to teach you rootedness and the wisdom of Mother Earth, while at the same time drawing life-energy from the Divine Light.

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