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3 Questions referring to 3rd mess. from Rhylana

Can a painting of trees bring trees into the home?
Yes, of course it can bring the energy of a certain tree into your home! This is why so many of you are painting replicas of Mother Nature and why even more of you keep art objects and photographs depicting parts of Her in your homes. You are being touched by it on a (sub-)consciuos level, are feeling connected to it and either consciously or subconsciuosly receive Her balancing, soothing energies by looking at it in your everyday lives. If you are endowed with the gift of visual imagination you will even be able to tap into Her energy by simply imagining a part of Her before your mind's eye.

Do you use art in your own world?
No, we do not. Art is an invention of you human-beings. Nature in it-self is the highest form of Art.
Art in the way you know it is in its truest forms always an expression of the invisible, the Spiritual side of Creation. True Art is a form of high medium-ship in that it renders the Spiritual part of Creation perceiveable for more than just the Artist who is in touch with it. This is why you often remark that objects of true art seem out of this world, are bearing the signature of the unspeakable and are therefore difficult to be discribed in your words- even if it is actually depicting an seemingly ordinary view or object. True Art is always time-less. Like medium-ship it bears not only the signature of the mediums personality but can be heavily tainted and even falsified by it. This being the case if the artist him-self is still strongly under the influence of his Ego-Mind and has extreme emotions that render him on the brink of madness at times or if he works under the influence of alcohol or heavy drugs. In these cases the art he produces are expressions of schizophrenia and the Dark Forces. We have observed this in many of your modern so-called artists, who are producing so called art, which is in fact nothing but the expression of their sick minds. The purer the personality of the artist, the purer the objects of Art.
To come back to your question: We are part of the Spiritual side of Creation and therefore we have no need to translate it in to objects or sounds in order to feel touched by it. Besides- we do not have Minds, we could be said to be unconsciuos, instinctual beings and we exist only in the present and are constantly evolving. Our Kingdom is divided into hierarchies of uncountable catergories and groups, and each one of us being appointed a particular task in it. Generalized we could be called the guardians and executors of the Elemental Forces of Nature on all levels.
But to return to your question: Art in your world, especially so in the Modern times, is not always of the true kind and therefore only a visual expression of the artist subconsciuos, his dreams or just artefacts in reminiscence of past impressions which have long been dead. This is why only those of you who are sensitive and of an evolved cosciousnes can tell the true art from the false.

How do you foresee the importance of Art for the human-race in the Future?
Your kind is currently in the process of developing their higher senses and of bringing into the Light of consciuosness the realms of personal and collective subcosciousness. This step in evolution on your part is most vitally required in order for the integration of the Divine Unity of Life to proceed as harmonsiously as possible for all parties involved. Since art is a means for you to express you subconscious and in so doing, bringing it into the Light of your consciousness, we believe that art will gain in importance for you. Also, art forms a link with the voice of your Divine intuition. However the place of art in the future in your society is going to be different from the one it has now. We do not see you becoming more widely interested in other people's creations and expressions but rather that an increasing number of you will discover their own abilities for artistic expression and will learn to use it as a tool for releasing their accumulated Fear, Anger, Pain, Sorrow and thus increase their inner harmony and maybe even achieve to a state of bliss. This process will bring appreciation and recognition towards everyone else's artitist expressions and creations, too, of course. But this time the admiration of the observer will be absolutely pure, without the trace of feelings of inferiority because he believes him-self less gifted than the artist in question, which today still forms a part of the feelings in the eyes of the beholder. Witnessing other people's art will become a rejoycement in the beauty and uniqueness of the indiviuals. 
However until this can come about learning to let go your hold on the past with its old belief systems is still necessary both on a personal and colective level. Devoted teachers are required to make the masses in search of help on their spiritual soul-path see their own natural gift for artistic expression. Teaching them how to learn to trust in it and how to use it for their own good.
We can see that there are so many of you who are feeling the urge to sing/dance/paint/write/create and yet are too afraid to actually give it a go because of a deept-rooted Fear. Some are daring enough to admit their gift to them-selves but to no-one else besides. Yet only by sharing the good you are possesing with others, can you grow into your full potential both personally and collectively. Because although you are all meant to find and experience things in life for your-selves, the second step must always be to connect it with the Unity by expressing it openly in some way or other. If you are lacking the assurance/trust to do so immediately, you might practise your courage by revealing your artistic expression to Mother Nature or to one of us? There is another positive aspect to your sharing your artistic gifts with your fellow beings. By trusting and setting a good example others will be helped in finding their confidence to learn to trust in them-selves more.

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