Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

2nd message from Rhylana

Now, we would like to expand on what we told you last time about us holding the power because we feel this needs further explanation in order to make you understand what we mean by it exactly and accurately. What we were saying was that althoug you might beleive yourselfs to be all-powerful, mighty and in charge because your are able to change the surface and appearence of the Earth by buliding and constructions and because you are able to influence growth of her fruits according to your wishes up to a ceratin degree. But if all of this is being done without a deeper understanding of the underlying structures and laws that makes Nature grow and prosper, and without the due respect towards it, it will only bring you a very superficial and temporary rewars and in truth you are not making her flourish but are actually damaging and harming her viewed from a wider and long-term perspective.
Some of you have already learned the right way of treating her, by simply listening to and following their inherent natural insticts. And of course, those few who have so far not been touched by the ideals and ideas of materialism and economical strive have never veered from the right way of treating her-
To put it into very sipmle words on could say thtat your Ego-Minds with their competitive and egoistical way of thinking are to blame for the sorry state Mother Earth is in now. But of course, it is not quite straight forward as this, because you also have been given Free Will into the bargain, meaning that you are free to chose which of your inwards voices you want to listen to- the Head or the Heart. At some pint in the course of Human evolution you must have decided to listen to taht limited part of you that exists in an illusionary sperateness, rather than remaining connected to and at one with the Divine Will and Love, whose Wisdom is communicated to you through the voice of the Heart, your Divine Intuition. Therefore, learning to re-connect yourself to this voice, gradually you will come to realize the connectedness of all life once more- and this also includes us Elemental beings!
For some of you it might actually be easier to believe and communicate with us first, before re-discovering their own Dinine Spark within because their personal inferiority complexes and mistrust of themselves are still to much in the power and are hindering them from accepting that they, too, are actually very special and uniquely beautiful and intelligent beings. But either way you are going to tread- in the end it will eventually lead you to experience a sense of unity and harmony within and without, which in turn will teach you the right way of living in Planet Earth and treating Mother Nature and her prescious ressources.
Maybe you believe that buying and growing only organically grown products from now on would be enough to save her. It is not, although it would, of course, make a vast difference and help to ameliorate the general situation by important degrees. It might have been enough some fifty years ago but not so today. Today our Beloved Mother is much to weakened and imbalanced and it requires a vast deal more to bring about the desperately needes turn-about back towards nautral harmony of the Elements. This is why you and us, we have to consciously join our forces and work together. The most accurate way to put it in order to exemplify this statement is to say that while you are holding the material power over Nature, we are insiders of the Spiritual side of her. We are passive agents of the Spirirtual and the Divine Force works through us. By learning from us and working with us you can become active Masters who ar ein conroll of both sides and know how to join them. According to the universal law of duality and unity in which all manifestation has two complementing parts to it, a material and spirirtual one, it is only logical that both will be necessary to provoke a true change in the manifest.

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