Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

1st message from Lor

To believe yourself seperate and different from Mother Nature who provides you with nourishment and independent from the Earth that bears you up and gives you shelter is unnatural and an illusion. Because you are made up of the same Elements as they are. What differentiates you from them are you ability to think, speak and feel consciouly- or at least partly so. But just like the plants, the animals and the planetary being you consist of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
Nature is not being called Mother for nothing. She truly is like a mother to you and even though your bodies may grow old- you will always remain her little children whom she bears up, feeds and gives water to. The population, Her siblings, at large have become more and more like disrespectful, rebellious and criminal teenagers towards Her over the centuries of evolution. Her forebearence and patience have been worn out very thin and at times already breaks- like you have experienced in some parts of the world where catastrophes wiped out millions of you. Unless you, as a collective whole, do not recollect your-selves, recognize the mistakes you made, repent, learn by them and make amends by returning irrevocably and swiftly to mindful and respectful treatment of Her, she will break you by weaning you off her ressources and gentleness. The Elemental Forces that rule all Life in Earth will loose their balance by a degree that will make your further existance impossible on this planet. In such a case of events, only those of you who learn to master beforehand the laws of the Elemental Forces within them-selves will be fit for survival.

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