Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

1st message from Rhylana

My dear friends, I am calling you thus because that is what I hope we are to us and what we are meant to be in the Divine Order of things, reallly.  Just as it is said in the Bible most of you Human-beings are so well acquainted with- your neighbour should be your friend. And indeed we are living even closer to you than your neighbours are because we actually inhabit your gardens and even share the same rooms- given that there is a piece of Nature to be found in there. Be it stone, flower, pot plant or even just a piece of rough wood or some sand. Sopmetimes we even come into your houses if there ar eno nature relics being kept there because we can enter also by accompanying insects. Why do we do this, you may now be asking yourself. Well, because we want to make you ntice us, we would like you to acknowledge our existence in order to become friends and accomplices in saving our Beloved Mother Earth from dying beneath our feet and in our hands. We feel that we can learn from each other valuable things essential for Her survival. Your inelligence coupled with our elemental powers we will be able to re-harmonize the workings of Nature and the Elements in the Spheres arount this planet and thus bring it back into a healthy balance for itself and all its inhabitants.

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